Work Ethic

At Tree3 Ltd we have a specific work ethic that embraces the concept of providing solutions to problems with the least amount of stress to the client.  These problems can be varied and diverse –  managing politically- and culturally-sensitive trees or hazard trees within schools, providing safety audits on existing trees, advising homeowners on how to address problems from neighbouring trees, advising insurance companies with regard to tree-related claims, assessing motorway versus mature native forest conflicts, producing long term management strategies for individual trees and tree populations and preparing works methodologies for complex arboricultural operations are just some of the issues dealt with on a daily basis.

We aim to provide the best possible solution within the parameters set out before us so as to be able to best meet the needs and requirements of the client without compromising our professional standards or integrity. We will not maintain involvement with any project that undermines our professional or personal credibility but will strive to find alternative solutions wherever possible.

We have observed many so-called professional arborists out there who are more than happy to take a client’s money regardless of the integrity of the project or their lack of qualifications and experience; we are not prepared to compromise our reputation or professional credibility by adopting the role of the “cheque book arborist” which unfortunately does occur.

At Tree3 Ltd we endeavour to carry out our professional tasks to the best of our abilities and to produce advice, statements and service that will stand up to the most robust interrogation and scrutiny.

The cornerstone of everything we do here at Tree3 Ltd is integrity – we define integrity as “doing the right thing for the right reasons”. If your problem is simple and can be easily solved without our (paid) intervention, we will tell you. If we think your proposal will not work for whatever reason, we will tell you. If we think our integrity will be compromised by what we are being asked to do, we will tell you and if necessary withdraw our services. If we can help, we will do our very best to provide the most effective and efficient solution to whatever tree-related problem is placed in front of us. In return we will charge what we consider to be a fair and reasonable price for our work. We will not be the cheapest service provider and there are those out there who are happy to cut corners and provide a substandard service. We embrace the concept that you get what you pay for.