Boundary Disputes

Trees on BoundariesTrees on boundaries are often the cause of stress and anxiety for many people. The problems often become emotional, antagonistic and contentious which in turn makes it harder for those involved to reach a solution that is acceptable to all affected parties. Sometimes there will not be a solution that addresses the concerns of all affected individuals and this may be the time that expert assistance is required.

An arboricultural assessment of any problems will need to be overtly objective and impartial otherwise it will appear biased to aggrieved parties who may then feel they are not being dealt with fairly. This is where the integrity, competence and objectivity of the arborist must be beyond doubt if the assessment is to have any credibility.

Tree3 Ltd can provide an objective and impartial assessment of tree problems which will be based upon many years of practical tree management experience backed up by formal qualifications and problem-solving experience. Such assessments may be scrutinised by judges, barristers or commissioners and have to be robust and reasonable – the vast range of experience we bring to the table puts us in a strong position to produce credible results.

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