Expert Witness and Legal Reporting

Arboriculture is a unique combination of practical and academic issues where a solid background of hands-on experience ensures a significant increase in the quality, integrity and value of any advice and assessment of tree-related issues. Tree3 Ltd has a vast array of practical experience along with a formidable range of formal qualifications that enable us to respond to problem situations with informed and pragmatic assessments and solutions.

Tree3 Ltd can provide expert witness testimony for legal proceedings, planning inquiries, appeals, local authority hearings and environment court proceedings. We can also offer expert arboricultural advice on resource management and Unitary Plan issues relating to trees and other protected vegetation.

Tree3 Ltd specialises in providing a robust,  impartial and defendable arboricultural opinion regarding such issues as boundary disputes, tree-related damage, nuisance or hazardous trees and a whole range of other tree-related problems.

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