Specialist Tree Work

At Tree3 Ltd, we maintain a hands-on familiarity with practical tree work as we believe this is the best way to retain a realistic perspective on tree management issues. We provide a selective and specific tree work service aimed at particularly sensitive or complex projects, the aim of which is to  provide the client with our personal assurance that the job will be done to the highest standards possible.

A common feature of tree work these days is that a representative of the tree care company will visit the site and discuss the tree issues with the site owner or manager whereupon the work is carried out by other personnel. This can often lead to misunderstandings and in the worst case scenario can lead to the wrong trees being cut down or pruned inappropriately. Once a tree has been cut down or pruned badly it is usually too late to resolve the problem.

We believe that particularly sensitive sites warrant the utmost attention to detail and the only realistic way to guarantee this level of attention is to ensure the work is done (or at least supervised) by the arboricultural specialist who carried out the initial inspection and provided the recommendations. Tree3 Ltd ensures such jobs are carried out to the highest standard by ensuring, where possible and appropriate, that the same person manages them from start to finish.

Similarly, we have the experience and skills to manage large-scale complex projects such as the removal of large trees in confined spaces and can arrange and manage such projects from start to finish if required.

This personal touch ensures selected tree work projects are carried out to the highest standards possible with the minimal amount of stress or anxiety for the client and the best possible outcomes for the trees.

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